Heraklion city

Explore Heraklion the largest city of Crete

Explore Heraklion, the largest city on Crete, where Byzantine churches and Venetian architecture harmoniously blend. Begin your journey by picking up your Kourites car and taking the highway to Heraklion. Once there, opt for the most affordable parking option by choosing to park your car in the public parking at the port and then walk from there to the city center.

Koules Fortress

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the waterfront and visit the iconic Koules Fortress. Explore the historic tunnels once used for cannons, wander through storage rooms, and take guided tours of exhibitions detailing the fortress’s history and fascinating stories of nearby shipwrecks. Or you can walk along the pier directly along the sea.

City Center Exploration

In the bustling city center, wander down Daedalou Street for shopping and explore the side streets. From there walk to 1866 Street to discover the central market with its array of small shops selling local Cretan goods. Enjoy the view of the sea that always presents itself, the juxtaposition of old and new, try Cretan cuisine in one of the many taverns and restaurants or order mezedes in a typical ouzerie or rakadiko. Let yourself wander in the beautiful streets of Ladakia.

Lion’s Square and Coffee Break

Take a break at Lion’s Square by visiting the Café Phyllosophies to savor the best bougatsa—a traditional Greek dessert made from Phyllo pastry filled with vanilla cream—paired with Greek coffee. Observe the lively city life and enjoy people-watching in this vibrant setting.

Historical and Cultural Highlights

Visiting Heraklion offers a great opportunity to delve deeper into Crete’s captivating history by visiting the Archaeological Museum, the Heraklion Municipal Art Gallery (with free entrance), and the renowned Palace of Knossos, located just 5 kilometers outside Heraklion.

You should also visit the Loggia, built by the Venetians, or the Municipal Art Gallery (free entry), the main church of Agios Minas or the Agios Titos Church, which is centrally located on the 25th August boulevard.

A visit to the Historical Museum of Heraklion is also interesting.

A walk on the old Venetian city walls also offers many interesting views and up there is the grave of the famous writer Nikos Kazantzakis, on whose tombstone it says: I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free.

Embrace the enchanting sea views, rich history, distinct Cretan cuisine, and warm hospitality that make Heraklion a delightful destination.

If car rental isn’t an option, consider booking an organized bus tour with us to explore Heraklion. Contact us for detailed information on our tours to Heraklion and Knossos.